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How to know tell apart quality terrace boards
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How to know tell apart quality terrace boards

To many people, the wood-plastic composite seems to be a controversial material  for a terrace. It irritates advocates of natural materials. Yet, according to our poll, most readers would prefer it to a purely natural material.

This is how China-made imitations crush after a couple of years. photo: editorial archive

We have recently covered the pros and cons of composites and wood (refer to the previous article). We were met with criticism for trying to promote plastic at the expense of pure natural materials. The paradox is though that the survey complementing the article showed about twice as many people would prefer the composite, despite being more expensive than wood. Its main advantage should be a lower need for maintenance.

But the real issue is to select a system that offers proven quality. The composite market is only starting to develop in this country, so it’s easy to buy material that delivers on its promise.

By country of origin

In recent years, round 200 companies have been launched in China manufacturing WPC boards. Just as usual, they’re cheaper than original products from established brands.

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