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3 tips for the right choice of terrace
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3 tips for the right choice of terrace

Do you plan to build a terrace but are unable to choose the right supplier of WPC boards? Then this article is just right for you! We’ll give you some tips about what to focus on when comparing producers and how select the best option for your dream terrace.

1. Price

At this point, we are very likely to agree that we always look at the price when buying goods and services, this being such an influence that we make our purchase based on it. But how does one choose the right vendor of WPC so that it’s not like comparing apples and oranges?

Always compare the price per square meter of the complete material; don’t get confounded with the lower price per linear meter. You may also want to ask the potential supplier for a quotation for a complete delivery, including the accessories.

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We will spare you of such worries concerning comparisons as we guarantee the lowest prices, compared to the competitors.

2. Warranty

Check the warranty terms carefully. Most warranty terms for periods exceeding 7 years are significantly limited; the warranty for defective service may relate to decay, insects and wood rotting fungi, with absolutely no reference made to chipped corners of terrace boards and discolouring.

3. Manufacturer and material composition

WPC is currently a frequent replacement for wood as the former ensures a large scope of application, due to its mechanical properties, weather stability and visual feel. However, selecting the right WPC boards can be far from easy.

As everyone might expect, the product price may sometimes be a poor match for its quality. If you are about to use WPC boards, you must note that a number of products are available on the Czech market, of unknown origin and in a wide span of quality. In China alone, around 200 WPC makers have been established in past 2 years. That’s why a range of products from various vendors is available, at lower prices and at higher prices, often with a much worse quality.

Focus on these 3 steps in order not to let your money decay the way it does with Chinese companies. If you are clueless about how to, our specialist team is always available for you to contact them.

Another important aspect is the very quality of WPC. With a trustworthy supplier, you should be allowed to see the boards in reality or to order samples.

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